Glitter Scratch Art

Glitter Scratch Art


Glitter Scratch Art DIY Holographic Activity Kit with Stylus, is activity based Birthday return gift set, can be give to kids

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 Set includes 1 Scratch Art with dimension 18.5 x 14.5 cm with white paper having different shapes and a stylus with size 12.5 cm

  • Scratch Art paper consists of a black surface sheet that can be scratched away to reveal colorful shiny layers underneath. Place the stencil over one of the black cards and scratch out the figure of your choice with the scriber. You can see the glitter appearing from under the black! Make the most beautiful glitter creations with this craft set!
  • A set of pre-cut shapes that you can use as templates for your scratch art creations. These shapes include various designs associated with animals, birds, aquatic animals and more.
  • Price mentioned if for one set


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