Rock Paper Scissor

Rock Paper Scissor


  •  Rock Paper Scissor can be given to kids as birthday return gift, attending the party. 
  • Shipped in available assorted colors .
  • Eliminate Irritability and Relieve Stress.
  • Playful Education Tool Keep your hands busy and minds sharp. 
  • Great stress reliever and sensory fulfillment for all ages, for Anxiety, Autism, ADHD, OCD, Special Need.
  • Genger : Unisex
  • Age : Unisex
  • Color : Assorted/ Shipped according to available colors
  • Theme : Game
  • Material : Plastic

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 Rock Paper Scissors Random Toy. Included colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow 

A classic two-person game. Players start each round by saying, “rock, paper, scissors, shoot!” On “shoot,” each player holds out their fist for rock, flat hand for paper, or their index and middle finger for scissors. Rock crushes scissors, scissors cut paper, and paper covers rock. See who wins each round! This is a good way to decide who goes first in other games

Multi function: Perfect as a game props, keychain, fashion accessories, party supply, gift, fit any age for fun.

Occasion: Funny gag gift for music festivals, birthday parties, bar nights, stress reliever, graduation party wedding, tricky toy, celebrating, festival, holiday

Shape: Egg, Size: 2*1.5inch, Material: Non-toxic plastic, Weight: 0.55oz


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